The Pet Lovers Club 48: The Perfect Club | Level 3 | By Little Fox

The Pet Lovers Club 48: The Perfect Club | Level 3 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This series is one of our original stories where 5 friends who love pets form a club. Join in the fun with the Pet Lovers Club and their adorable pets!


Sarah: How can we find the kitten’s owner?
Ben: I know! We can ask Mrs. Green.
Theo: Mrs. Green lives across from the park.
Skyler: And she knows everyone!
She lives in that green house
Theo: Ha-ha! Mrs. Green lives in a green house!
Riley: Maybe she has a green dog.
Theo: And a green cat!
Sarah: There’s one thing I hope she does not have.
Ben: What?
Sarah: A lost kitten! I want this kitten so much!
Kitten: Meow!
Sarah’s mom: Let’s go find out.
Ben: Hello, Mrs. Green.
Mrs. Green: Hello!
Sarah: We found this kitten in the park.
Sarah’s mom: Do you know who it belongs to?
Mrs. Green: Yes. That kitten lives next door.
Sarah: Oh no. It already has a home!
Mrs. Green: There’s Mr. Gump. He’s the kitten’s owner.
Sarah’s mom: Hello. Is this your kitten?
Mr. Gump: Yes. That’s one of my kittens.
Theo: Look, more kittens!
Mr. Gump: I have six kittens. I’m looking for homes for all of them.
Sarah: I would love to take this one home!
Mr. Gump: That’s fine with me. What about your mom?
Sarah’s mom: Hmm . . .
Sarah: Please, Mom?
Sarah’s mom: Okay. I think you’re ready for a kitten, Sarah.
Sarah: Oh boy! I’m going to name it Pepper. Mittens and Pepper will be friends.
Pepper: Meow!
Chatter: Meow! Meow!
Riley: Hooray! Now the Pet Lovers Club is perfect!

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