The Pet Lovers Club 47: The Lost Kitten | Level 3 | By Little Fox

The Pet Lovers Club 47: The Lost Kitten | Level 3 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This series is one of our original stories where 5 friends who love pets form a club. Join in the fun with the Pet Lovers Club and their adorable pets!


Sarah: I can’t believe Mittens is gone!
Riley: Don’t worry, Sarah. We’ll find her.
Sarah’s Mom: She has to be here somewhere.
Sarah: She could be alone and scared!
Theo: Mittens, where are you?
Skyler: Here, kitty, kitty!
Ben: Did you hear that?
Skyler: Hear what?
Ben: A cat meowing!
Chatter: Meow, meow!
Skyler: Quiet, Chatter. Listen.
Sarah: I heard it again!
Riley: So did I!
Theo: There’s a cat around here somewhere.
Sarah: There it is! It’s a kitten!
Kitten: Meow! Meow!
Sarah’s Mom: What a cute kitten!
Ben: I wonder where it came from.
Sarah: It’s very friendly!
Theo: Maybe the magician did a super magic trick.
Riley: And turned Mittens into a real kitten!
Sarah: Really?
Ben: I don’t think a magician could do that.
Chatter: Meow! Meow!
Riley: Look! Chatter found Mittens.
Skyler: She fell behind the stage.
Sarah: Oh, Mittens, I’m so glad you’re okay!
Sarah’s Mom: Whew! What a relief!
Sarah: I’m so happy to see her. But I love this little kitten too!
Riley: The kitten likes you too, Sarah.
Sarah: Mom, can I keep it? Then I could have a real, live pet.
Sarah’s Mom: I don’t know, Sarah. First we have to find its owner.

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