The Pet Lovers Club 42: All Aboard! | Level 3 | By Little Fox

The Pet Lovers Club 42: All Aboard! | Level 3 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This series is one of our original stories where 5 friends who love pets form a club. Join in the fun with the Pet Lovers Club and their adorable pets!


Riley: Our pets are having fun.
Chatter: Woo, woo!
Kelli: What are you doing?
Theo: We’re giving our pets a ride.
Skyler: Chatter loves the train.
Theo: So does Frankie.
Ben: I hope it’s not too fast for Speedy.
Theo: Uh-oh. Whiskers rolled off!
Kelli: Mom went shopping. I’m babysitting you.
Theo: We’re not babies!
Kelli: Whatever. I’m going outside to weed the garden. Will you be okay in here?
Theo: Yes!
Kelli: Don’t get into any trouble!
Riley: We won’t.
Kelli: I’ll be outside if you need anything.
Ben: Let’s pretend the train is going west.
Riley: Next stop, Grand Canyon!
Theo: Everyone, out!
Ben: Speedy looks dizzy.
Riley: Do turtles get dizzy?
Sarah: Maybe the train was too fast.
Skyler: Whiskers couldn’t even hold on.
Theo: Hey, where is Whiskers?
Ben: I saw him a minute ago. Now he’s gone.
Skyler: Whiskers, where are you?
Riley: I’ll look behind the desk.
Theo: I’ll look under my bed.
Sarah: It’s dark under here.
Skyler: We need a flashlight.
Theo: Let’s go ask my sister for one. Kelli! Do you have a flashlight?
Kelli: There’s one in the kitchen. What do you need it for?
Sarah: We have to find Whiskers.
Ben: Look! Whiskers is hanging from the roof!
Kelli: Run upstairs and grab him, quick!
Theo: I can’t. The front door is locked!
Kelli: And I don’t have a key with me!

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