The Pet Lovers Club 38: The Dog Tooth Fairy | Level 3 | By Little Fox

The Pet Lovers Club 38: The Dog Tooth Fairy | Level 3 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This series is one of our original stories where 5 friends who love pets form a club. Join in the fun with the Pet Lovers Club and their adorable pets!


Riley: Snooks, you lost a tooth!
Ben: I wish I’d lose a tooth.
Snooks: Ar-ooo !
Skyler: Let’s put Snooks’ tooth on his pillow.
Mrs. Summers: You can put it in this envelope. Then it won’t get lost.
Ben: Let’s write a note to the Dog Tooth Fairy.
Skyler: Good idea!
Riley: Here’s some paper and a pencil.
Theo: Let’s pretend Snooks is writing the note.
Riley: Yeah! Dear Dog Tooth Fairy . . .
Skyler: Here is my tooth. Please bring me a surprise.
Theo: I have been a good dog. Love, Snooks.
Riley: P.S. I didn’t mean to dig up the rosebushes.
Bye Don’t forget to come to my house tomorrow
Theo: To see if the Dog Tooth Fairy came!
Riley: And if she left a surprise for Snooks! The Dog Tooth Fairy came!
Ben: What did she leave for Snooks?
Riley: A doggie treat.
Snooks: Ar-ooo !
Riley: Good dog!
Skyler: Let’s go tell Sarah!
Theo: Hi, Sarah!
Riley: What’s wrong?
Sarah: I can’t find my tooth!
Riley: What?
Sarah: My first tooth came out yesterday. I was holding it after school.
Ben: Right. You were in a big hurry. We bumped into each other in the hallway.
Sarah: I had to go to the dentist. I wanted to show him my tooth.
But when I got there it was gone

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