The Pet Lovers Club 36: Speedy’s Surprise | Level 3 | By Little Fox

The Pet Lovers Club 36: Speedy’s Surprise | Level 3 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This series is one of our original stories where 5 friends who love pets form a club. Join in the fun with the Pet Lovers Club and their adorable pets!


Theo: Watch out! The curtain is blowing away.
Riley: Snooks is hiding under the porch.
Sarah: Oh no. Mittens doesn’t like to get wet!
Skyler: Neither does Chatter.
Ben: Catch the curtain before it blows away!
Theo: I’ve got it.
Riley: There’s more thunder.
Skyler: Everyone, get inside. Quick!
Riley: Look, the sun is coming out already!
Theo: But it’s still raining.
Skyler: I see a rainbow!
Chatter: Pretty rainbow!
Sarah: A rainbow!
Riley: Let’s all make a wish.
Skyler: Close your eyes!
Ben: And don’t tell anyone your wish. Here I come, Speedy. The storm is over.
Skyler: And so is our pet show.
Boy: That was a great show!
Girl: Look, your turtle is hiding.
Ben: Yep. Speedy always hides inside his shell.
Skyler: He’s very good at hiding.
Girl: I wish I could hide like that.
Theo: Yeah, when it’s time for a test at school!
Riley: Or when we’re having peas for dinner!
Kelli: Or when my mom says, “Clean up your room.”
Ben: Speedy’s shell protects him. Today it protected him from the storm.
Boy: That’s an amazing trick.
Theo: It sure is.
Ben: I wished that Speedy could do a great trick. But he already knew one!

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