Pet lovers dress up dogs for Halloween

Pet lovers dress up dogs for Halloween

This year a record number of Americans are expected to buy Halloween costumes for their pets

Dressing up as a sailor or even as ‘Yoda’ from the Star Wars series means even everyone’s beloved pet can share in the Halloween fun come this October

This year, a record number of Americans are expected to buy Halloween costumes for both themselves, their children and their pets.

According to the National Retail Federation (NFR), the world’s largest retail trade association, over two thirds (67.4 per recent) of celebrants will buy Halloween costumes for the holiday.

US partygoers are expected to spend around £1.7 billion on Halloween costumes this year.

Around £217 million of that will be spent on pet costumes.

At stores like Petco in West Hollywood, Halloween pet costumes and toys are taking centre-stage as owners look for the perfect way to include their little loved one in the Halloween festivities.

According to the store’s manager, Mary Johnson, pop culture sets the trends when it comes to pet costumes.

“Currently we have costumes inspired by the show ‘The Vikings’ on History Channel. We have costumes by ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO. We also have ‘Star Wars’ costumes which are amazing. We have ‘Chewbacca’, ‘Yoda’, so many to choose from.”

The store manager said it is due to the vast variety and choice of costumes for adults, children – and pets – that is driving Halloween demand higher.

She said nowadays owners treat their animals like their children and that means including them in the Halloween celebrations.

“They’re able to pick up so many things for their pets like food that is very similar to what they eat, human-grade quality food,” she said.
“Same thing with the costumes, it’s like costumes like a child’s costume but it’s for your pet.”

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