Cat People VS Dog Lovers: Your Pets Say A Lot About Your Personality

Cat People VS Dog Lovers: Your Pets Say A Lot About Your Personality

Your pets say a lot about your personality including what you do, where you live, whether you’re single, married or divorced.
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Do you have a pet? If you live in Vermont, there’s a 70% chance you do. Are you a dog person? If you are, you might be a senior manager at a company. Do you like Cats? Then you might be in real estate. According to research, all pet owners are more sympathetic and caring than non-pet owners. And, the type of pet you own, actually says a lot about you. (Sorry, rabbit owners, apparently you’re pretty neurotic.)

People who own Dogs are extroverts. You’re also agreeable and conscientious people. When you come home from work, you consider your dog to be part of the family. Now if only Bentley would clean his dishes once in awhile.

If you’re a cat-owner, you’re most likely living in an apartment and are divorced, separated, or widowed. Unlike dog owners, you’re more neurotic, but open to new experiences – you won’t hide your head under the bed like Mr. Sprinkles over here. You’re also less socially dominant, which usually means you have a great close-knit of friends.

Bird-owners are just as colorful as their parrots. You’re outgoing and expressive with your feelings. If you want a cracker, you’re not afraid to say it! If you had to describe yourself in two words, you’d say polite and caring. We bet your canarie would agree.

And what about those cold-blooded buddies? Well, if you’re male, you’re less agreeable than that of a traditional pet owner, and it’s okay if you don’t believe me. However, women with reptiles are the most outgoing of any pet owner. So don’t shy away from a lady that wants to show you her snake.

Last, though there’s no study to prove it, we think if you own a tiger, an alligator, and two hawks, well you might just be a little crazy.