Steps to a Clean Carpet by a Certified Professional

These are the steps to expect when a professional carpet cleaner comes to your home to clean your carpet.

The first thing you need to do is remove all small items from the area. You will also need to make arrangements for all pets and children to be out of the area The first thing the carpet cleaner will do is walk around your home with you so that they can inspect it with you. You will need to tell them what any stains or spots are so that they know better how to treat the stain. They will also note the carpet’s construction and soiling conditions and advise of any possible permanent staining.After this brief walk-through, the carpet will be vacuumed with a commercial vacuum to remove any loose soil from the carpet. This is a very important step to carpet cleaning as hot water is forced into the piles to clean the carpet. Next, furniture like tables and chairs and sofas will be moved. They will also be protected with disposable blocks and tabs .

Stains and spots are now pre-treated with a pre-spray for more effective spoil and spot removal. Depending on how deep the soil is, some carpets will be pre-groomed by having a rotary cleaning machine go over it. This will essentially shampoo the carpet and is a very effective way to clean carpet.

Once the pre-grooming is done, the truck is used to clean the carpet. A hot water extraction process is used to thoroughly flush the carpet . Hot water is forced into and extracted out of the carpet piles. The water temperature is between 180°F – 190°F. Pressure and heat are carefully regulated to prevent the carpet from becoming over-wet. The PH is also balanced during this process, a very important step according to carpet manufacturers.

To help the carpet dry faster, the piles may all be set in one direction.High velocity fans may also be set up to help the carpet dry faster. The technician will walk through the job with you to make sure that you are satisfied.

There are several things to keep in mind once your carpet has been cleaned. You need to keep children and pets off of the cleaned area for at least six hours, use caution when stepping from a carpeted area to a hard area because floors can be slippery, remove blocks and tabs used to protect furniture twenty-four hour after the carpet is cleaned, and vacuum anytime after the first twenty four hours.  More Info at House Cleaning Omaha site