Getting Your House Ready for the Holidays? Tips For Fall Cleaning

For most of us, summer has drawn to a close, giving way to chillier temperatures, falling leaves and perhaps most importantly, the holiday season! While you and your loved ones no doubt had a blast tramping around all summer, you likely tracked a substantial amount of dirt and debris into your home with all of your outdoor adventures. And, if you have pets running around your property, they’ve contributed to the mess, too. Now that fall is here, and the holiday season is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home clean and prepared. What can you do to ensure your home is ready for your holiday guests? Let’s dive right in.


Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential


Between hanging out at the beach, parks, hiking, swimming, yard work and a plethora of other summertime activities, you and your family are sure to have carried substantial debris into your home over the summer. If you have pets, hair and dander can also build up rapidly as they shed their winter fur in favor of a lighter, less insulated summer coat. If you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home, professional carpet cleaning is an absolute must to eradicate both visible and unseen buildup within the tiny fibers of your carpet.


Carpet is notorious for harboring all manner of unpleasant and allergy-triggering organisms, including mold spores, skin flakes, pollen and decaying bugs, just to name a few. And here’s an off-putting statistic: Experts estimate that each square inch of in-home carpet can house up to 200,000 bacteria! If spending your time amongst the millions of bacteria that have taken up residence in your carpet grosses you out, professional carpet cleaning can solve the problem for you. Most of the time, vacuuming just isn’t enough to eradicate this level of buildup. Professional carpet cleaners have access to heavy-duty equipment and commercial cleansers designed to safely and effectively rid your carpet of unwelcome buildup.

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Clean the Common Areas


If you’re strapped for time and holiday get-togethers are imminent, focus your cleaning only on common areas that your guests will be using. While tidying up the bedrooms is certainly recommended, it’s not likely your guests will frequent these spaces, so channel your efforts into your living room, dining area, kitchen and bathrooms. By cleaning only heavily trafficked areas, you can funnel more of your time and energy into preparing food, drinks and entertainment for attendees.


Don’t Forget to Dust


Did you know that dust is up to 80 percent dead human skin cells? Or that the average person sheds approximately eight pounds of skin each year? Where does much of that dead skin end up? You guessed it: in your house. If you don’t want your guests stirring up dead skin all over your holiday parties, it’s time to break out the dusters. To ensure you trap all dust particles and prevent them from flying about while you clean, be sure to use disposable dusters that feature particle-locking fibers. A feather duster will only stir existing dust into your home’s ambient air, potentially triggering