Daily Cleaning Habits: Keep a Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we eat, and we like to keep it clean, especially when guests come over. If you are someone who has children, then it’s very important to keep a sanitary environment. Those of you with children know how messy everything can get, especially in the kitchen. You have to stay on top of all the spills and crumbs. Having some good daily cleaning habits helps to keep your place ready for guests, and keeps it germ free for your children. You can start by creating a daily to-do list. It can be on your smart phone set as a daily reminder, or you can write it on paper and post it up on your refrigerator to remind you. Once they become habits, you will notice that you start doing these things on your list naturally.
Don’t clutter your countertops
The less you have on your countertops or kitchen table, the easier it will be to wipe them down. You should wipe your countertops everyday. There might be little spills and crumbs from your kids or whoever is in your household. Try to get everyone in your home in the habit of cleaning after themselves. I know, it’s easier said then done.
Don’t forget the stove and cooking tops
The stove can get really messy with food and grease from cooking. Sometimes it can be hard and frustrating to get out those tough grease stains. A good trick to ease this cleaning process is to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to scrub away those stubborn stains.
Dishes and the sink
It’s always good to clean a dish right after you use it, but not everyone does this. Try to create a dish washing routine. For example, wash them every morning and night. This way when you wake up they’ll be clean, and after breakfast they’ll be cleaned for the day. Be sure to clean your sink like it’s a dish. The sink can build up germs that can get you sick.
Sweep and mop your floors
Every time you come inside your home, or if your children are playing outside, they may run in and out which causes dirt to be tracked on your floors. So it’s a good habit to sweep your kitchen floors daily to keep it nice a tidy. Mop your floors twice a week or as needed because sometimes sweeping them isn’t enough.
Doing all this daily will make keeping your kitchen clean a habit.  Check out this site for more Info: http://steamcleanaustin.com/