5 Habits For a Cleaner Home

5 Habits For a Cleaner Home

You have made it through the week and the weekend is finally here. No one wants to spend their weekend inside their home cleaning. One glance around your home and you may notice dust, dirty floors, a mountain of laundry and a messy kitchen. There has to be a better way than to spend a fortune on a cleaning company or to waste away a weekend scrubbing.

There are 5 daily habits that anyone can tackle that will free up valuable time and provide a cleaner home. The first thing to remember is very basic. If you take something out you must put it back. We find ourselves telling our children to put a toy away after playing with it. In elementary school children are reminded to put their things back where they found them. As adults we sometimes get so busy that we forget. To cut back on clutter in any room, make sure to put your items away after using them.

Secondly, not many people enjoy doing dishes, but if you wash what is dirty rather then letting a sink fill up it will seem like less of a task. It is less time consuming to wash a few dishes at each meal rather than a giant heap of dishes at the end of the day. A kitchen will automatically look cleaner if it is not displaying dirty dishes. Once the dishes are done do a wipe of the counters with your cleaner of choice and you have a nice clean kitchen.

Third, laundry can really pile up. Whether you only need to wash your laundry or are in charge of an entire household of laundry, it is best to schedule routine laundry days and stick to that schedule. This will prevent you from missing an entire day that now has to be dedicated to washing, drying and folding.

Fourth, if you stay on top of your bathroom it will never be a daunting chore. Every few days wipe your counter tops and clean your mirror. Toilets should be cleaned weekly and tubs and showers should also receive a quick weekly wipe down.

The fifth best tip for maintaining a clean house is to keep clean floors. Yearly have them professionally cleaned to keep a fresh appearance and weekly all carpet should be vacuumed and hard surfaces mopped. These basic cleaning tips will help maintain a clean home.

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