5 Habits for a Cleaner Home!


A clean home is a happy home. How many times has someone said this common cliché? Over the years I have a learned a clean home does not happen overnight. It needs to be intentional and it takes practice. Here are five quick habits for having a cleaner home.

First, establish a routine. Human beings are creatures of habit. Think about what your days look like? Are there days and weeks you are busier than others? Think about the best time for you to accomplish tasks. For example, if you know there is one night a week that you will be home late, plan that day to be reserved for quick meals and quick cleanup. Once you have established a weekly routine for which you are having success, begin to think in longer terms: monthly, seasonally and yearly.

Next, take care of mail immediately. Oftentimes mail piles up because we have great intentions of getting to it after supper. Then it turns into, after the kids are in bed. Pretty soon, it is three days later and you have a pile on your counter that will take fifteen minutes to go through. Taking care of the mail is a small task that adds up to big rewards in the end. Your counters are cleaner, junk mail is thrown out, and your bills will be on time! You can quickly wipe your counter tops down with a disinfectant wipe and feel like your home is clean.

Third, put things back where they belong! This is one of the easiest, and frequently overlooked, tasks to keep your home cleaner. When things are put away, it is easier to sweep, vacuum, dust, and deep clean. Putting things away every night will help you with your daily routine and then your seasonal routines, such as having your carpets professionally cleaned, do not feel like such big jobs.

Number four is STAY FOCUSED. Think about the task you are trying to accomplish, going through the mail for example. Do that task. Do not get distracted. When you get distracted you end up not finishing it, then it piles up, and low and behold what would have taken you a minute or two will now take you 20 minutes.

Last, have disinfectant wipes readily available. When you have focused on your task, finished it and are ready to kill germs, the fastest way is to reach for a wipe. Using cleaning wipes helps to keep germs at bay in between deep cleaning and is a great way to keep your house feeling cleaner in between deep cleans.


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