10 Tips to Keep the Bathroom Clean for the Holidays!

Clean up messes in the bathroom throughout the holiday rush can bring unnecessary stress to a happy and joyful time of year. However, by following these 10 tips you can help make the bathroom cleaning a lot easier throughout the holidays!

Tip 1 : Scrub Down First!
The first tip is to just dive straight into scrubbing down filth, including places that appear clean. After the scrub-down, store some cleaning sheets to quickly wipe down the most used areas daily.

Tip 2 : Use Holiday Soaps!
Just by placing a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom with a holiday scent not only adds a piece of decor, but it also helps your guests (and you!) into the spirit!

Tip 3 : Keep the Curtain Closed!
Don’t forget to close the shower curtain; this prevents water buildup, so you don’t have to do the previously mentioned scrub-down as often.

Tip 4 : Create or Purchase a Quick Bathroom Kit
Instead of wandering around the house looking for supplies, you can make a small bathroom kit with disposable cleaning utensils to take care of a mess quickly.

Tip 5 : Keep Air Circulating!
All you have to do is turn on your bathroom’s vent or purchase a dehumidifier. This prevents moisture buildup, so you have less bacteria growing.

Tip 6 : Make Natural Cleaning Solutions
There are plenty of different recipes to use, and are often cheaper to make than to buy products! Also, this prevents harsh chemicals from damaging your bathroom which is a huge plus!

Tip 7 : Fluff Your Towels!
Nothing yells warmth in the winter like a fluffy, soft towel. All you have to do is wash them with 1/2 a cup of vinegar and they’ll be immediately fluffier.

Tip 8 : Add Holiday Candles!
Setting out and lighting a holiday scented candle has the same effect as the hand soap, but also offers a warm and cozy feeling!

Tip 9 : Keep Extra Toilet Paper in Sight!
This will prevent guests from looking through all your cabinets, as well as reminding you when it’s time to pick up extra so you’re prepared during the holiday rush!

Tip 10 : Put Several Bags in the Trash Bin!
This eliminates the need to search for more bags, as well as making it easy to just pull the top bag out!

By following these tips, your bathroom is sure to look spotless and well-kept during the holiday rush!