10 Holiday Cleaning Tips for Your Carpets

Your carpet and rugs play a significant part towards the total aesthetic beauty of your home. When kept clean and spotless, Carpets are actually a center-piece in a home. Unkempt rugs, however, can be embarrassing especially when family and friends visit your place. You can choose to hire a cleaning Company; however, it’s a do-it-yourself job. Here are 10 holiday cleaning tips for your carpets:

Consider deep-cleaning your carpets regularly. Holidays mostly come once or twice in a year depending on work schedule. It’s the right time to give your home the best you can in terms of cleaning. Deep-cleaning gives your rug a fresh and new look since it extracts all the dirt from the material. As opposed to regular light cleaning, deep-cleaning penetrates the carpet to remove embedded dust, oil, and drinks.Work on the spills as soon as they occur. This prevents them from eventually becoming tough-stains. Collect the liquid using your carpet cleaner to avoid soaking. The alternative is to put a kitchen roll to soak-up the liquid first and then clean the spot. During cleaning, it’s advisable that you blot the stain and not to rub it.

Vacuum your carpet before washing it. Vacuuming prior is especially important whenever you are cleaning the rug after a home-party. It makes your cleaning work easier and protects the carpet-washer from clogging.

Always apply the right cleaning method and solution. Be keen to use manufacturer’s recommended solution. Universal detergents do not work in most circumstances. Also consider carpet brushes that fit your rug.

Clean towards the door. It’s recommended that you begin work from the furthest-corner of the carpet towards exit. This technique helps you to avoid walking and eventually leaving marks on your damp-carpet. It also protects you from getting damp feet.

Pre-treat tough-stains before cleaning. For best results, spray heavily soiled areas with a pre-treatment solution and allow it time to break the stain. You are, however, advised not to over-soak the carpet.

Keep the doors and windows open to enable your cart dry faster. You can opt to take it out to dry especially during summer. Alternatively, simply turn on heating and the rug should be dry within an hour.

Use ice-cubes on dry gums, remove wax using paper towel and iron box and use hydrogen peroxide on blood-stains. These 10 tips will give you an amazing carpet cleaning experience.