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Getting Your House Ready for the Holidays? Tips For Fall Cleaning

For most of us, summer has drawn to a close, giving way to chillier temperatures, falling leaves and perhaps most importantly, the holiday season! While you and your loved ones no doubt had a blast tramping around all summer, you likely tracked a substantial amount of dirt and debris into your home with all of your outdoor adventures. And, if you have pets running around your property, they’ve contributed to the mess, too. Now that fall is here, and the holiday season is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home clean and prepared. What can you do to ensure your home is ready for your holiday guests? Let’s dive right in.


Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential


Between hanging out at the beach, parks, hiking, swimming, yard work and a plethora of other summertime activities, you and your family are sure to have carried substantial debris into your home over the summer. If you have pets, hair and dander can also build up rapidly as they shed their winter fur in favor of a lighter, less insulated summer coat. If you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home, professional carpet cleaning is an absolute must to eradicate both visible and unseen buildup within the tiny fibers of your carpet.


Carpet is notorious for harboring all manner of unpleasant and allergy-triggering organisms, including mold spores, skin flakes, pollen and decaying bugs, just to name a few. And here’s an off-putting statistic: Experts estimate that each square inch of in-home carpet can house up to 200,000 bacteria! If spending your time amongst the millions of bacteria that have taken up residence in your carpet grosses you out, professional carpet cleaning can solve the problem for you. Most of the time, vacuuming just isn’t enough to eradicate this level of buildup. Professional carpet cleaners have access to heavy-duty equipment and commercial cleansers designed to safely and effectively rid your carpet of unwelcome buildup.

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Clean the Common Areas


If you’re strapped for time and holiday get-togethers are imminent, focus your cleaning only on common areas that your guests will be using. While tidying up the bedrooms is certainly recommended, it’s not likely your guests will frequent these spaces, so channel your efforts into your living room, dining area, kitchen and bathrooms. By cleaning only heavily trafficked areas, you can funnel more of your time and energy into preparing food, drinks and entertainment for attendees.


Don’t Forget to Dust


Did you know that dust is up to 80 percent dead human skin cells? Or that the average person sheds approximately eight pounds of skin each year? Where does much of that dead skin end up? You guessed it: in your house. If you don’t want your guests stirring up dead skin all over your holiday parties, it’s time to break out the dusters. To ensure you trap all dust particles and prevent them from flying about while you clean, be sure to use disposable dusters that feature particle-locking fibers. A feather duster will only stir existing dust into your home’s ambient air, potentially triggering

5 Reasons Why Professional Roof Repairs Are Better Than DIY


Roof Repairs

It is easy to give into the temptation to fix a roof rather than pay for a professional. Although this will save money on labor, most people do not have the knowledge, experience and training necessary to be successful. This can result in additional expenses because the job was done incorrectly, and may end up costing more than calling a professional roofer to begin with. There are five main reasons it is better to hire a professional for roof repairs than to attempt the DIY route.

The Proper Repairs

A roof repair is expected to last for a long period, and the actual repair process and results are critical to success. A DIY roofer may not see all the aspects required for a proper repair. This means although the roof is believed to be repaired, the same issues may persist, and additional parts of the roof can be damaged. A professional knows exactly what is necessary and will make the proper repairs.

The Protection

Everything in the home is protected by the roof. A professional can make the repairs more efficiently and faster than a DIY. When a DIY attempts to make the necessary repairs, the entire process is slowed down. This means the home and all the contents are left vulnerable to the elements. A professional contractor can often finish the repairs in just one day. This ensures the occupants remain safe, and protects the valuables in the home.

The Safety

Every roofing repair has safety hazards and risks. A DIY places themselves in danger every time they attempt roof repairs. Professionals are trained to deal with the risk factor, and have the experience to remain safe. They will also not make the damage worse due to a lack of expertise.

The Correct Tools

The correct tools are needed for the roof to be repaired correctly. These tools can be very expensive for a DIY to purchase, and they may not know how to use them correctly. This can result in additional repairs from mistakes. A professional roofer already has all the necessary tools, and has used them numerous times.

The Warranty

An existing warranty may be rendered useless with a DIY repair. It does not make sense to invalidate a warranty that has already been purchased. The investment can be easily safeguarded by hiring a professional. Many warranties require a professional roofer, or the warranty will become void.

Roofing Schools


Cleaning Your Upholstery Naturally


Cleaning your upholstery can be a big headache. If you are expecting guests over for the holidays, stains can stick out like sore thumb. Upholstery can definitely be more difficult to clean. Stains that hit upholstery soak through so deeply making it hard for cleaners to penetrate through the fibers. The key is to act ask quickly as possible before the stain sets in any further.

Food and grease stains are the most common. To remove these stains you can mix a tablespoon of laundry detergent or dish soap with one cup of water. Simple dampen a cloth with the mixture and blot the stain. In case of a grease spot, pour baking soda on it to soak up the excess mixture. Wait twenty minutes and then dust off the baking soda. You can use an old toothbrush to remove any residue and dab it away with a paper towel. You also can use this method to remove food stains.

Spilled beverages are also very common but not all beverages are treated the same. Coffee stains can be removed by mixing one teaspoon of laundry detergent with one cup of warm water. Wait a few minutes and then blot with a paper towel. If that doesn’t do the trick, mix the solution with water and vinegar and let air dry. Beer stains are the easiest to remove by running a ice cube over the stain before repeating the above mentioned process. Wine stains will come out as well with this method, while adding a small amount of sparkling water.

Ink stains can be difficult to remove depending on the ink itself. Ballpoint pen stains can be removed by using rubbing alcohol on the spot and waiting for a half hour. Never rub the stain back and forth as it could make it worse. Simply, dab at the stain starting from the corners and working your way in.

Pet urine can be removed by covering the area with paper towels to let it soak up the moisture. Mix together a concoction of half water, half vinegar pouring it directly on the stain. Continue pressing the area with paper towels until most of the liquid has soaked up. Afterwards, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let dry. Once it feels completely dry, vacuum the excess baking soda. Pet urine is hard to get out, so if this doesn’t work you should contact a professional.

Dust and dirt can be combated easily by regularly vacuuming your upholstery. If you neglect this task, dirt and dust will be pushed through the fibers. This can discolor your fabric and make it look old.  Check out commercial cleaning in Omaha NE for a good site example.

6 Tips on How to Choose a Professional Tile Cleaner

Tiles installed either in homes or offices require regular professional cleaning and maintenance in order to keep their look. Opting to clean the tiles yourself can be exhaustive and time consuming. Contracting the services of professional tile cleaners is the most efficient way for home or office tile cleaning. There are several competing firms in the cleaning business today. You therefore need to careful when hiring in order to get the best in the market. Here are some guiding tips on how to choose the most-excellent professional tile cleaner near you:

Review the qualifications of different service providers near you. Pose necessary questions to the potential cleaner in order to determine their credibility. Professional tile cleaners should be fully trained and skilled to handle cleaning equipment. The company should be certified and accredited as proof of its qualifications.

Consider a company’s reputation. Take into consideration the company’s reputation for quality work. Review unbiased customer’s feedback to find out about the best brand name with an established track record over the years. It is recommended to go for companies with adequate experience. These companies guarantee accumulated industry knowledge for efficient and fast jobs.

Choose tile cleaning companies located near you. Companies within your reach are not only cost effective but also accessible at your convenience. Go for a brand with a permanent physical address.

Cost evaluation is important. Consider professionals who provide quotes and price estimates beforehand. This will ensure that the price is fair and that no additional charges are incurred. Reject the cheapest and the most expensive bidder. It also important to settle on a firm that guarantees their services.

Professional tile cleaners should be able to maintain the pristine condition of all types of tiles. The cleaning mechanism and chemicals should be proven to be safe for your specific tile or stones. Choose services that are concurrent with your specific tile or surface.

Select professional tile cleaners who can perform and finish tile cleaning and repair services. The professionals should offer services that suit your specific needs. They should preferably offer all inclusive tile cleaning and concrete repair services. The company should also provide tips on how to maintain tile cleanliness for increased lifespan.

It’s advantageous to hire skilled tile cleaners as they use powerful equipment and cleaning chemicals. They ensure rolling out of cleaner tiles and surfaces for longer durations and at reasonable prices. Keep these tips for best results.

10 Tips to Keep the Bathroom Clean for the Holidays!

Clean up messes in the bathroom throughout the holiday rush can bring unnecessary stress to a happy and joyful time of year. However, by following these 10 tips you can help make the bathroom cleaning a lot easier throughout the holidays!

Tip 1 : Scrub Down First!
The first tip is to just dive straight into scrubbing down filth, including places that appear clean. After the scrub-down, store some cleaning sheets to quickly wipe down the most used areas daily.

Tip 2 : Use Holiday Soaps!
Just by placing a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom with a holiday scent not only adds a piece of decor, but it also helps your guests (and you!) into the spirit!

Tip 3 : Keep the Curtain Closed!
Don’t forget to close the shower curtain; this prevents water buildup, so you don’t have to do the previously mentioned scrub-down as often.

Tip 4 : Create or Purchase a Quick Bathroom Kit
Instead of wandering around the house looking for supplies, you can make a small bathroom kit with disposable cleaning utensils to take care of a mess quickly.

Tip 5 : Keep Air Circulating!
All you have to do is turn on your bathroom’s vent or purchase a dehumidifier. This prevents moisture buildup, so you have less bacteria growing.

Tip 6 : Make Natural Cleaning Solutions
There are plenty of different recipes to use, and are often cheaper to make than to buy products! Also, this prevents harsh chemicals from damaging your bathroom which is a huge plus!

Tip 7 : Fluff Your Towels!
Nothing yells warmth in the winter like a fluffy, soft towel. All you have to do is wash them with 1/2 a cup of vinegar and they’ll be immediately fluffier.

Tip 8 : Add Holiday Candles!
Setting out and lighting a holiday scented candle has the same effect as the hand soap, but also offers a warm and cozy feeling!

Tip 9 : Keep Extra Toilet Paper in Sight!
This will prevent guests from looking through all your cabinets, as well as reminding you when it’s time to pick up extra so you’re prepared during the holiday rush!

Tip 10 : Put Several Bags in the Trash Bin!
This eliminates the need to search for more bags, as well as making it easy to just pull the top bag out!

By following these tips, your bathroom is sure to look spotless and well-kept during the holiday rush!

10 Holiday Cleaning Tips for Your Carpets

Your carpet and rugs play a significant part towards the total aesthetic beauty of your home. When kept clean and spotless, Carpets are actually a center-piece in a home. Unkempt rugs, however, can be embarrassing especially when family and friends visit your place. You can choose to hire a cleaning Company; however, it’s a do-it-yourself job. Here are 10 holiday cleaning tips for your carpets:

Consider deep-cleaning your carpets regularly. Holidays mostly come once or twice in a year depending on work schedule. It’s the right time to give your home the best you can in terms of cleaning. Deep-cleaning gives your rug a fresh and new look since it extracts all the dirt from the material. As opposed to regular light cleaning, deep-cleaning penetrates the carpet to remove embedded dust, oil, and drinks.Work on the spills as soon as they occur. This prevents them from eventually becoming tough-stains. Collect the liquid using your carpet cleaner to avoid soaking. The alternative is to put a kitchen roll to soak-up the liquid first and then clean the spot. During cleaning, it’s advisable that you blot the stain and not to rub it.

Vacuum your carpet before washing it. Vacuuming prior is especially important whenever you are cleaning the rug after a home-party. It makes your cleaning work easier and protects the carpet-washer from clogging.

Always apply the right cleaning method and solution. Be keen to use manufacturer’s recommended solution. Universal detergents do not work in most circumstances. Also consider carpet brushes that fit your rug.

Clean towards the door. It’s recommended that you begin work from the furthest-corner of the carpet towards exit. This technique helps you to avoid walking and eventually leaving marks on your damp-carpet. It also protects you from getting damp feet.

Pre-treat tough-stains before cleaning. For best results, spray heavily soiled areas with a pre-treatment solution and allow it time to break the stain. You are, however, advised not to over-soak the carpet.

Keep the doors and windows open to enable your cart dry faster. You can opt to take it out to dry especially during summer. Alternatively, simply turn on heating and the rug should be dry within an hour.

Use ice-cubes on dry gums, remove wax using paper towel and iron box and use hydrogen peroxide on blood-stains. These 10 tips will give you an amazing carpet cleaning experience.

How often should i have my carpets professionally cleaned and why?


Carpeting makes an ideal surface in any home or office space. Carpeting is soft underfoot and adds an extra layer of protection against the cold and outdoor noise. It comes in many colors and textures. An expanse of carpeting makes an ideal space for a baby to play and a great place to put your feet on a bitter winter day. In order to help keep any carpeting in the best shape possible, it’s a good idea to have the carpeting cleaned. Cleaning a carpet has many important benefits. Clean carpets look better even after many years of use. They also help invite in guests, family members and clients. Many people wonder how often they should clean their carpets. The answer to this important question depends on many factors.

Where the Carpeting is Placed

One of the most important factors in deciding when to get carpeting cleaned is where the carpet lies. Many homeowners have carpeting in many rooms in their home. As such rooms may get a lot of traffic, it makes sense to have them cleaned several times a year. This helps keep each room fresh and updated. The same is true of business owners. A business owner may have lots of carpeting in a busy office space that sees lots of foot traffic each week. In that case, it also makes sense to have the carpets cleaned several times a year. People who have fewer carpets mostly in areas such a dining room that is not used as often may still need to get their carpeting cleaned several times a year to help keep the carpeting in good shape.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Getting carpets professional cleaned has many benefits. Professional carpet cleaners have access to heavy duty machines and cleaning solutions. These gentle yet effective methods can remove any and all dirt from the carpets. They can also get to dirt that may have been buried deep inside of the carpeting for many years. A professional carpeting cleaner also knows exactly how to deal with many varied kinds of carpeting surfaces. Some surfaces may require a great deal of delicate and precise handling to make sure they are not accidentally damaged. Professionals can clean the carpeting carefully, get rid of all the layers of dirt inside and make sure the fibers are not harmed when it is completely cleaned.

Steps to a Clean Carpet by a Certified Professional

These are the steps to expect when a professional carpet cleaner comes to your home to clean your carpet.

The first thing you need to do is remove all small items from the area. You will also need to make arrangements for all pets and children to be out of the area The first thing the carpet cleaner will do is walk around your home with you so that they can inspect it with you. You will need to tell them what any stains or spots are so that they know better how to treat the stain. They will also note the carpet’s construction and soiling conditions and advise of any possible permanent staining.After this brief walk-through, the carpet will be vacuumed with a commercial vacuum to remove any loose soil from the carpet. This is a very important step to carpet cleaning as hot water is forced into the piles to clean the carpet. Next, furniture like tables and chairs and sofas will be moved. They will also be protected with disposable blocks and tabs .

Stains and spots are now pre-treated with a pre-spray for more effective spoil and spot removal. Depending on how deep the soil is, some carpets will be pre-groomed by having a rotary cleaning machine go over it. This will essentially shampoo the carpet and is a very effective way to clean carpet.

Once the pre-grooming is done, the truck is used to clean the carpet. A hot water extraction process is used to thoroughly flush the carpet . Hot water is forced into and extracted out of the carpet piles. The water temperature is between 180°F – 190°F. Pressure and heat are carefully regulated to prevent the carpet from becoming over-wet. The PH is also balanced during this process, a very important step according to carpet manufacturers.

To help the carpet dry faster, the piles may all be set in one direction.High velocity fans may also be set up to help the carpet dry faster. The technician will walk through the job with you to make sure that you are satisfied.

There are several things to keep in mind once your carpet has been cleaned. You need to keep children and pets off of the cleaned area for at least six hours, use caution when stepping from a carpeted area to a hard area because floors can be slippery, remove blocks and tabs used to protect furniture twenty-four hour after the carpet is cleaned, and vacuum anytime after the first twenty four hours.  More Info at House Cleaning Omaha site

Daily Cleaning Habits: Keep a Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we eat, and we like to keep it clean, especially when guests come over. If you are someone who has children, then it’s very important to keep a sanitary environment. Those of you with children know how messy everything can get, especially in the kitchen. You have to stay on top of all the spills and crumbs. Having some good daily cleaning habits helps to keep your place ready for guests, and keeps it germ free for your children. You can start by creating a daily to-do list. It can be on your smart phone set as a daily reminder, or you can write it on paper and post it up on your refrigerator to remind you. Once they become habits, you will notice that you start doing these things on your list naturally.
Don’t clutter your countertops
The less you have on your countertops or kitchen table, the easier it will be to wipe them down. You should wipe your countertops everyday. There might be little spills and crumbs from your kids or whoever is in your household. Try to get everyone in your home in the habit of cleaning after themselves. I know, it’s easier said then done.
Don’t forget the stove and cooking tops
The stove can get really messy with food and grease from cooking. Sometimes it can be hard and frustrating to get out those tough grease stains. A good trick to ease this cleaning process is to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to scrub away those stubborn stains.
Dishes and the sink
It’s always good to clean a dish right after you use it, but not everyone does this. Try to create a dish washing routine. For example, wash them every morning and night. This way when you wake up they’ll be clean, and after breakfast they’ll be cleaned for the day. Be sure to clean your sink like it’s a dish. The sink can build up germs that can get you sick.
Sweep and mop your floors
Every time you come inside your home, or if your children are playing outside, they may run in and out which causes dirt to be tracked on your floors. So it’s a good habit to sweep your kitchen floors daily to keep it nice a tidy. Mop your floors twice a week or as needed because sometimes sweeping them isn’t enough.
Doing all this daily will make keeping your kitchen clean a habit.  Check out this site for more Info:

If You Have Pets, You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning!

4 Carpet Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

When owning pets, you can always expect to have accidents in the home. If you have carpet, it can even seem like a nightmare to get clean. If your pets consist of cats and dogs, one accident can lead to much more if you fail to adequately clean the spot. To help take care of pet accidents, we have 4 carpet cleaning tips that you as a pet owner should know when noticing an accident from your pet.

Wet Spots

When it comes to wet spots, we all know that time is of the essence. That is why it is best to clean the spot as soon as you notice one. As soon as the liquid hits the carpet, it quickly soaks through and begins to spread. So what looks like a small amount on the surface, the underneath could be much bigger. To clean it you need to place a dry rag or paper towels over the spot and stand on them so that your weight can help absorb the moisture faster.

Wash Thoroughly

When washing the area you want to make sure to soak the spot with both water and carpet soap. Keep in mind that the thickness of your carpet plays a big role in the amount of time you will need for your carpet to fully dry. Because of this, you may have a lingering odor. What you need to do is make sure you clean around the area of the wet spot that way you are able to clean the urine that has spread underneath. Make sure you thoroughly rinse and dry the area as many times as you need until the odor subsides.

If repeatedly washing and rinsing the spot doesn’t rid the odor, then pouring some baking soda onto the spot and letting it sit there should absorb the remaining odor. When you notice the odor is gone, you just vacuum it up and you’re done.

Eliminating The Odor

When it comes to eliminating the odor, using an odor neutralizer can be tricky. With so many available, your safe bet would always be to use one which is pet-friendly. Using a natural method is always the best way to go. Some options to use include baking soda or vinegar. You then mix them with a variety of scented oils.

If All Else Fails, Call The Professionals:

Whether you have accidents caused by your pets or not, it is always a good idea to have professionals clean your carpets at least annually. When a professional carpet cleaning company comes, they use commercial equipment designed to give a deep clean. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that a pet mess can be difficult to clean at times.